01-19 2018

How to avoid the wood grinder stuck

Anyone who has ever used a wood shredder knows that a wood shredder can jam if used incorrectly. If the wood grinder jamming phenomenon will affect the normal use, serious or even cause internal damage to the wood grinder. This is very detrimental to the wood grinder to create high profits. So how to prevent the wood grinder stuck? Wood grinder stuck cause: When the wood is crushed by the wood crusher, the general feeding method is generally flat feeding. The phenomenon that the wood crusher suff鈥

01-03 2018

Scrap crusher works

Scrap crushing is the use of crusher scrap crusher, the use of sorting system crushed scrap sorting to get a pure high-quality scrap processing methods. Its working principle is that under the continuous drive of high-speed, high-torque motor, the hammer on the rotor of the crusher turns into the scrap in turn by the impact of the strong impact, the scrap is torn and crushed into a certain size of crushing Steel, and then sorting equipment, you can get high purity high quality broken steel. After鈥

12-25 2017

Metal grinder core working parts which

Rugged metal grinder can crush massive briquetting, motorcycle frame, bike frame, baby carriage, car shell and so on into pellets for transportation and subsequent processing. Star metal grinder core working parts mainly consists of the following components: The interior of the metal grinder is mainly composed of a rotor, a lining plate and a bottom of the sieve. The metal grinder is used to grind the scrap metal into uniform-sized metal particles by cooperating with each other. Rotor is the core鈥

12-18 2017

Scrap crusher advantages:

Scrap crusher use of a very wide range, with the following advantages: 1 can be used to break a very hard material. Conventional scrap crushers and cone crushers require very rigid racks, whereas scrap crushers effectively crush hard materials such as ferrotitanium, cemented carbide, artificial Crystals, calcium-silicon alloy, ferrosilicon, ferrochrome, ferroboron, ferromanganese, smelting copper slag, etc., even under overload conditions do not damage the equipment agencies. 2 has a higher crush鈥

11-27 2017

Choose your own metal breaker model

In the process of looking for scrap metal crushing equipment, customers often need to contact several manufacturers to inspect more than one metal crusher manufacturer. This is mainly because each factory has different types of metal crushing technology and the same type of metal crushing Machine parameters are different so that customers are difficult to choose from, customers generally need to go to the factory to test the scene to decide who more professional will choose him, Hongrun machinery鈥

11-27 2017

Copper scrap copper wire recycling scrap copper mill is inseparable

Now a lot of waste acquisition stations will receive a lot of dismantling cables or copper wire and other scrap wire or motor copper wire and other types of scrap copper molds, copper, scrap scrap, mechanical copper, copper plated, gilded copper, scrap copper castings, All kinds of copper-containing materials, such as engine, electrolytic copper, waste beryllium copper, copper wire, copper rod, waste copper, phosphor bronze, white copper, waste brass, bronze, white phosphor bronze, waste tungsten鈥

11-10 2017

Scrap crusher broken scrap what is the use

Scrap crusher belongs to large-scale machinery and is mainly produced in the form of production lines. It is mainly used for large-scale metal materials such as scrapped cars, scrapped household appliances, scrapped car panels, scrapped car cabs, scrapped car bodywork, discarded tricycle frames and discarded tractors. Scrap crusher scrap separation of inclusions, remove attachments, to produce pure high-quality scrap. Scrap crusher production line mainly by the feed chain conveyor, dual roller co鈥

10-25 2017

Introduction of the theoretical knowledge of waste iron crusher for large scrap steel crusher:

Metal pulverizer is used to break all kinds of metal materials. It can be used to break the metal materials into small metal particles at once, so as to facilitate the recycling of steel mills and foundries. These small metal particles not only reduce the transportation cost, but also effectively improve the quality and efficiency of the cast iron. The company is good long independent design, production of all kinds of shredding crusher machinery. After a long and professional research, our compa鈥

10-12 2017

What are the dust control measures for the straw shredder?

In the process of straw and other materials crushing operation of straw crusher dust problem can not be ignored, the pollution problem is to be resolved, in the straw before the recycling process in the dust produced dust dust dust removal measures, And the effluent dust concentration in the efflux meets hygienic standards and emission standards. Specific measures include crushing and dust removal design, including dust control measures for straw shredder equipment and other ancillary facilities.鈥

10-06 2017

Scrap metal crusher development time to maintain environmental standards for the first criteria

Environmental protection policy under the development of scrap metal crusher will be the core of industrial restructuring, why do you say so? With the country on the steel industry to strengthen the control of environmental protection scrap industry gradually abandoned the frequency, frequency furnace as the carrier of high pollution industry equipment, making the scrap crusher gradually into the forefront of the industry. In the future, whether it is from the economic transformation, improve the鈥